PITOT-STATIC system testing at competitive prices
  • Perform complete Pitot-Static systems functional and leak test
  • Highly accurate
  • Built-in safety
  • Models available for operation on 115v, 220v and/or no power
  • Portable hand pump operation
  • The Model 393 Pitot-Static Testers are being used internationally by:
  • Airlines    Miltary
  • Corporate Aviation
  • General Aviation
Use in the Cockpit for "one man" Pitot-Static System Functional and Leak Test
  • Easy set-up and operation
  • Operates on 115v 60 cycle, 220v 50 cycle or portable (no power required) on
hand pump models
  • Test all systems at one time on typical general aviation aircraft, corporate aircraft
and air carrier aircraft
Use on the Hangar Floor/Ramp
  • Operates on 115v 60 cycle or 220v 50 cycle
  • Hand pump operation when power is not available(selected
Use on bench in the shop
  • Bench test altimeters, encoders, airspeeds, vertical speeds, and air data components
  • Operate in face-up or
    standard instrument operating position
Safety Features:
  • Cross Bleed Valve for safe operation when connected to Pitot & Static systems at the same time.
  • Airspeed
    max pressure limit
  • Adaptable Pitot and Static connections
Model 393
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